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The Assembly of God - Ministry of Bethlehem - USA is a missionary Church with headquarters in Lighthouse Point, FL, USA .

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The Brazilian population is predominantly Christian (87%), most of them Roman Catholic (64.4%). Inherited from Portuguese colonization, Catholicism was the state's official religion until the Republican Constitution of 1891, which established the secular state.

The demographic census conducted in 2010 by the IBGE indicated the following religious composition in Brazil: 64.6% of Brazilians (about 123 million) declared themselves Catholic; 22.2% (about 42.3 million) declare themselves Protestant (traditional, Pentecostal and neopentecostal evangelicals); 8.0% (about 15.3 million) declare themselves irreligious: atheists, agnostics, or deists; 2.0% (about 3.8 million) claim to be spiritists; 0.7% (1.4 million) declare Jehovah's witnesses; 0.3% (588 thousand) declare themselves followers of Afro-Brazilian animism.

Let us pray that God will change the situation of the Brazil that there may be a move of the power of God and that many souls may come to the knowledge that only Jesus Christ is our Lord and our only Savior.


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