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Biblical Text: Proverbs 31.10 -31

Introduction: A virtuous woman is a person endowed with great qualities; provision for the usual practice of the good; that has character, or has too much virtue; honest, courageous, effective.

Definition of virtuous, or virtuosity:

is the person that dominates in high degree the technique of a art. This woman is called virtuous. Because she knew well the art if you have a healthy family.

To be virtuous, we need, first and foremost, sort the right priorities to nurture a personal relationship with God (Mt 6.33), teach the husband (Pv 18.22 ;19.14 ); Caring for children (2 Tm 1.5 ) Take Care of the house (Tt 2.5) and, then, add activities that the time and energy permit (Pv 31.10 -31) .The Bible tells us that: "The Home and the property comes as inheritance of fathers; but the Lord, comes the wife prudent (Pv 19.14 ) .

The prudent wife is cautious, discernment and discretion. She administers her home.

They are values which cannot be bought or learned. Cannot be forced nor formulated.

The good wife is a diamond that needs to be unearthed. Be wife implies more than simply being a woman. Not every woman is a good wife. In the space of a moment, she is a treasure to be admired. In the space of a life is an investment that pays dividends to all with whom he comes into contact. A virtuous woman is a lady majestic and elegant!!!

Many Women notable appear throughout the Bible, but the virtuous wife pictured here deserves special praise (Pv. 31:29)

This woman was his wife and mother. For centuries, women have been amazed and is being challenged by her life (v. 31)

The passage describes the type of wife that every woman should be and what kind of woman a man must choose to marry. Many men foolish go deep in the ditch of despair, trying to create a gem with common stone. But wise is the man who, as a miner, you know that you can only expect discover what God has already created. Don't know who was that woman, but as she was. This virtuous woman is more alive than ever. This woman out of the ordinary was a paradigm of virtues: worthy of trust, diligent, organized and loving. But it is surprising how you can organize the priorities of your life.

The husband had confidence in it; the children adults praised it voluntarily, and their home was a model of efficiency. It was still time to act in the community, to help the poor and to increase family income through investments wise and productive management of everything that was placed under their care. Even More, it was so beautiful outside as was wise in your interior! The description of the bride virtuous ends with the secret of his success (v. 30). This woman, firstly, feared and worshiped him to God. Thus, the relationships and responsibilities were balanced with wisdom. She exemplifies the truth issued by Jesus Christ: "seek, because, in the first place, His kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." (Mt. 6:33).

A watchful eye for the description of the woman can be of inestimable value to help all women to establish their own priorities to administer the time, the resources and the gifts that God gave him.

The qualities of the virtuous woman:

Reliable. (V. 11).

Capricious. (V. 13).

Organized. (V. 15).

Clean. (V. 25).

Wise. (V. 26).

Dedicated. (V. 27).

Fearing the Lord. (V. 30).

The prestigious and privileges the virtuous woman:

Valued. (V. 10).

Respected. (V. 21).

Blessed. (V. 28).

Honored. (V. 28).

Superior. (V. 29).

Praised. (V. 30).

Virtuous. (V. 10).

A virtuous woman is one that:

Has the confidence of her husband. (V. 11).

Do good and not evil all the days of his life


Works of goodwill. (V. 13).

Do your job at home. (V. 15).

Do not eat the bread of idleness. (V. 27).

knows her husband. (V. 23).

Has compassion for the needy. (Vv.19 ,20).

She opens her mouth with wisdom. (V. 26).

She is fearing the Lord. (V. 30).



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