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The Assembly of God - Ministry of Bethlehem - USA is a missionary Church with headquarters in Lighthouse Point, FL, USA .

Be very welcome to our website and do not forget that the Lord Jesus Christ cares for you .

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Welcome to the Family Department

- Dinner of Love

- Lectures

- Meetings: Annual date to confirm with the Pastor Joel. At the request of Pr. Joel the implementation of systematic study Married Forever remain in place of the Christian Family until we have completed the course in 14 weeks with the couples of Headquarters. Waiting for the material of the Married for ever for terms weekly meetings in the deployment of the study group.

Through the department of Drama we are planning to make a play on the family once a month. Implementation through the group of Studies Married forever where we invite also couples non-believers to participate. Our programs of prayer are included in our meetings and participate in the Program of General Prayer of the Church. We use the general of the Church but we are working with the Pastor to deploy a specific for our Department.

In the events of the Church and where we are being asked to help in advising of some young couple.


LEADER: Pr. Sérgio Duarte Almeida

SECRETARY: Heronice Santana


4000 N. Federal Hwy Lighthouse Point - FL 33064 - United States of America

Phone: (954) 782-0430 fax:(954) 782-4027

email: igreja@adbelem.org


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