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The Assembly of God - Ministry of Bethlehem - USA is a missionary Church with headquarters in Lighthouse Point, FL, USA .

Be very welcome to our website and do not forget that the Lord Jesus Christ cares for you .

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The majority of the population of Spain (76.0%) declare themselves Catholic, although the percentage of practitioners is much lower.

The 20.3% of the population is not recognized in any religion (defining themselves as atheists or non-believers). There are also Muslim, Protestant and Orthodox minorities, whose numbers have been increased recently due to immigration that amount to around 2.1% of the population, as well as other groups, such as Jews, Buddhists, Mormons, among others.

However, according to a survey in July 2009, 58.2% of those who are self-defined as believers of some religion say they do not go to Mass or other religious services ever or almost never. 17.0% say they go several times a year, while 13.3% say they go to religious services almost every Sunday and holidays, with 2.0% going several times a week.


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