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Spiritual Outcomes From Material Effort

In this issue we will provide a partial report of the work our missionaries and African workers are carrying out in Assumane. Much efforts and material investments, but this is not so far compared to the great spiritual results of the daily actions of love, dedication and missionary passion.


Here you will hear testimonies of the people in our Missions Field in Mozambique, a dark and difficult place where the missionaries Reginaldo, Roze, and Sister Sara along with the local church workers are working very hard and doing their best to see lives converted to the Gospel of Christ . An eminently Muslim village, but now experiencing a revival that comes through the children who come to church every day to hear the Word of God.

News from Africa!


Wells of Joy!

The miracle of the wells that bring more than joy, is a miracle of perennial waters.


Day to Day

Each day is a new achievement, a breakthrough and an accomplishment.


Future vision

The challenge of the projects is the expectation of new dreams.

Jesus is the same today!

The project started with a well on the Church property in Assumane, a village next to the town of Lichinga. But no one could predict the miracles that God would do.

The village of Assumane lies outside the urban perimeter of the city of Lichinga; Approximately eight kilometers from the administrative and commercial center of the community, which is the capital of the state of Niassa. Due to the distance of the capital of the country, about 2700 kilometers, everything becomes more difficult and more expensive such as food, water, instrumental resources, goods, construction materials, etc.

The Miracle of the Wells

Well of joy or well of happiness, would be good definitions for wells dug in Assumane. They are a true miracle! By the end of each year the period of the droughts arrives. All the wells in the region dry up - except ours! Our wells have perennial water - water all year long!

The Lord Jesus Christ heals the sick, frees the captives and opens doors where we can not even imagine. But the greatest miracle a person can receive is to have eternal life and be saved from eternal death. Salvation is so wonderful that it brings joy to the soul.

Results without excuses! Accountability is part of our principles.

You contributed and we showed you where! The church has acquired a very extensive property, with approximately 13 thousand square meters, where we have already started to build a Temple, a small garden and a kiosk and we are already with the project approved to start the construction of a school. By the mercy of God we have already completed three years with the Africa project.

Construction of the church: We are finishing the construction of the place of worship to our God.

Schools: Approximately 200 children attend the schools to whom we are daily giving Bible studies and guidance. The place where we minister no longer holds because of the large number of children who come to hear and learn the Word of God.

Garden Project: In a large space of our land, we are teaching to plant cultivate and to harvest. We also teach the importance of consuming these foods, such as fruits and vegetables.

Sports activities: Together with missionary Sara, we created sports activities for our children.

Protected property: The entire property is protected with a high fence built in

by brothers. In addition, there are two full time security guards taking care of our property.

Project araamba (farm): there we teach how to plant, corn, potatoes, cassava and beans, and other products.

We never let the dream go away! Let's talk about the projects, our true dreams for Africa.

Micro-investment in the chicken area is life, development, work, source of income, learning and, without a doubt, dignity.

A farm is just one of the fronts of a profitable job that can be started with a small investment of some employees, which will become the capital in the community bank, as the beneficiary is paying with the real profits of his business and in personal efforts.

Micro-investment... your trust has a reward.

Therefore do not reject your confidence which has a great and great reward. Hebrews 10:35

Dreaming is not a sin!

Through his prayer and his contribution we can bring the love of God to the people of Assumane. So they can dream of a better life.

Walking with your own feet

The life of Abraham is one of the greatest Biblical examples of one who chose to believe in God and not look back. He had, in part of his walk, the support of his own father, Tera, but even when it was no longer possible for his father to accompany him, Abram unfaltering's faith and vision of the future, was untouchable.

Look forward and be able to dream of the blessings of God.

Our greatest concern was that the missionaries in Lichinga needed help to meet some basic needs of the Mozambican people as they preached to them the gospel of salvation in Jesus. Undernourished children without access to at least one decent meal a day were growing up without any dream. So the Lord has brought us out of our comfort zone to offer them more than a dream - eternal life in Christ.


The church we are building will bring great joy to our brothers in Assumane, it will be a place of worship, communion and above all a transformation of lives for Christ.

School and Health

Our children in Assumane need a school to educate them by increasing the possibilities for a better future. Our property is the perfect place that God has prepared for this purpose. There we will build the building that will receive hundreds of children, blessing them both in education and in spiritual, through Bible study and devotional studies. They will also learn about personal hygiene, basic sanitation and health.


... and the dream has just begun!

We have seen many miracles happening along the way, and it is they that motivate us to dream higher and higher.

Next steps

We already have an approved project for the construction of a school, with three classrooms, one for the board, plus the bathrooms and a library.


So that our school and our workshops, where the classes of carpentry and carpentry will be taught, can be fed with electricity, it is necessary to install at least three poles to overcome the distance from the point closest to where energy is being collected today.

Economic Developments

Our desire, in this project, is that the people of Assumane, through our brothers with experience in certain areas, can teach a profession to our students.

Project Profession

Happiness that costs so little!

For the administration of this service not only supplies the needs of the saints, but also abounds in many graces, which are given to God. II Corinthians 9:12

Many people this year disputed to contribute to the Christmas of the small Africans of Assumane. There are hundreds of children


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