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The Assembly of God - Ministry of Bethlehem - USA is a missionary Church with headquarters in Lighthouse Point, FL, USA .

Be very welcome to our website and do not forget that the Lord Jesus Christ cares for you .

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Bethlehem Ministry Choir

Welcome to Bethlehem Ministry Choir

Who we are?

We believe that we have a calling to serve through praise, while enjoying worshiping God in the choir.

We are aware that worship is a very important part of the service we provide to God. An anointed praise, sincere and prepared with care. Also being pleasing to our Creator, preparing our hearts to receive His Word, making us more sensitive to His voice and operation of the Holy Spirit.

In addition to worship our Lord's name, we also have a big role in fulfilling his will on "Go" He left us: to bring his Gospel through the praise of every creature.

Our purpose is not only to worship God, but to prepare for worship. It is very important to live a life of worship.

We have to pray, fast, study the Bible and teach our group to have fellowship with one another.


The Worship Group (as it was called earlier) was founded in September 1995 as a "Worship Group''. It was after a year that the Worship group began rehearsing hymns in four voices, then forming the choir of the Church.

Years passed, and God has blessed this ministry. Several conductors blessed this ministry already. In 2005, Ruth Pereira assumed the conductor position of the choir. In 2007, it was then changed the name of the choir to Bethlehem Ministry Choir.

Currently the choir consists of about 55 members, divided into five suits and which presents in our Church meetings on Sundays, Holy Communion, Vigils and Special Events.

The choir rehearses on Friday nights.

Our current leadership is made up of the following brothers:

Conductor: Ruth Pereira

Vice conductor: Francisco Benjamin

Treasury: Francisco Benjamin

1 Soprano: Suely Sforcim and Adna Santos

2 Soprano: Lena Souza Aguiar and Keziah

Contralto: Ruth Pereira and Read Mello

Tenor: Aparecido Santos and Marcos Paiva

Low: Benjamin Francisco and Ari Mello


4000 N. Federal Hwy Lighthouse Point - FL 33064 - United States of America

Phone: (954) 782-0430 fax:(954) 782-4027

email: igreja@adbelem.org


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